About Veritus

Anti-corrosive protection
Abrasive blasting
Welding/construction assembly

Veritus has ten years of experience in production, assembly the steel construction. It offers you a professional service of welding, assembly and treatment of metal.
Our company works on the field of welding service and offers the clients high quality products, high level of knowledge and individual approach to the client, what guaranties good prices. Our involvement and precision of welding allows us to offer products to a highly demanding clients. Having wide knowledge of welding and production of steel construction which is confirmed by certifications and supported by experience gave us knowledge to advice our clients to choose optimal technological solutions. We make service by using our materials and entrusted ones by client.

Veritus makes assembly and special anticorrosive coating securities of steel constructions, bridge concrete constructions, viaducts, tunnels, hydrotechnical buildings, apparatus, pipeline, wharf.

From the beginning of our Veritus`s activity we offer finishing services as a general executor and subcontractor. We offer anticorrosive and fire-retardant safety of steal construction and concrete for different types of buildings. Anticorrosive and fire-retardant safety were mode in public buildings as well as industrial, especially petrochemical, chemical, land construction and energetic.

We constantly work with the biggest and major partners on the field of coating systems of anticorrosive and passive fire-retardant safety.

Many national and foreign investors rely on our us. We can be proud of creating many complicated and responsible projects. We constantly work with leading system, materials and technology suppliers in range of selection of materials, what makes us current in technological, technical and executive capabilities and gives the opportunity to give our client the best solution.

We administrate professional, experience workers and technical background that gives us chance to cope with hard deadlines of work. We are valued of our professional and innovative approach to challenging investments and reliability, punctuality and observance the rules of BiHP during the work.