Abrasive blasting

Veritus works with big international corporations as well as small local companies in topic of abrasive blasting. Veritus provides services in wide range of abrasive blasting. From sliding acid-proof steel and aluminum to sanding and screwing black steel, size does not matter . We provide the renovation in automotive branch. Abrasive blasting of cars, motorbikes, rims and car frames. One of our service in abrasive blasting is sanding, screwing and side.
Sanding – colloquial name of technological process consisting of cleaning any surface by wipe able material under the power of resilient stream of air or air in cover of foggy water. We provide sanding from the top classes :SA2.5, SA2, SA1 or “shipbuilding” – SA 1.5. After cleaning the surface we offer you anticorrosive system.
Slide – method consisting of using special abrasive (such as microspheres glass, ceramic, plastic shot) to make the surface equal made by acid-proof steel, aluminum to make satin finish.