Anti-corrosive protection

In anti-corrosive branch our company works from 2008, making services in anti-corrosive protection of steel industry of pipelines, tanks, wharfs and different steel constructions.

We have divided hall 30m long and 10 m wide

We prepare surface for painting:
• cleaning by dry blast
• cleaning by dry blast in prefabrication of copper route

We apply painting coating:
• hydrodynamic painting
• pneumatic painting
• handmade painting

Making the security services of fire-retardant we cooperate and use newest materials, technologies qualified producers. Security services of fire-retardant are made by systems:
• Flame Stal Solvent

Many years we use painting and lacquer systems of qualified and top producers like:
• Hempel
• International
• Jotun
• Novatic
• Sigma
• Tikkurila
• Teknos
• And others indicated by Investor.
Fire-retardant protection of steel construction are made since 2012. They are made on halls, magazines, office building and industrial facilities such as wharfs, tanks, pipeline support from R15 to R60 class.
Fire-retardant protection is to protect building from destructive action of fire in order of cellulose curve and hydrocarbon. To create fire-retardant coat we use different fire prevention systems:
• Fire-retardant coat from endothermic paints (swelling)- applied by layers in specific thickness (on the basis of system) in order of fire resistance class and indicator of element massiveness U/A. Fire resistance class: R15, R30, R60.

We use products