Welding / construction assembly

Veritus specializes in production and steel construction assembly which are for industrial building and individual clients. We create halls, sheds, stairs, ramps, platforms as well as smaller elements such as balustrades or gates of construction low-alloyed steel. We create constructions of black steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel compatible with preferences of the client. We provide high quality of welding connections. We have eligible welding supervision IWE wg ISO 14731 and qualified welders wg ISO 287-1 and 9606.

All products are individually and permanently tagged, what later gives a chance to identify all production process. Within full identification there is an opportunity to provide executive and quality documentation.

We make research that do not damage the joints and elements of constructions compatible with plans of constructions and standards of our clients. The research includes:
• Visual tests VT,
• Penetration tests PT.